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World class manufacturer of innovative green products made from recycled scrap tyre rubber

Waste Tyres Collection ServiceHere at Crossmore Tyre Recycling, we pride ourselves both on our high levels of per
sonal service and customer satisfaction and on our “green credentials”. We have been in the tyre business for 25 years and employ a fleet of 12 modern articulated and rigid trucks, collecting end of life tyres from anywhere within the Republic of Ireland. We are a family-owned business employing 24 people and our state of the art factory is located at Rockmills, just outside Killdorrery, between Mallow and Mitchelstown.


Ireland’s largest collector and recycler of waste tyres

We process approximately 300 tonnes of tyres every week, more than any other operator in the country. We collect used or waste tyres and recycle them using state of the art technology into environmentally-friendly products such as equestrian rubber, tyre bales which can be used in flood control and road foundations and tyre derived fuel (TDF).Our tyres pass through a unique shredding process to produce a multifunctional 20mm and less rubber crumb that is guaranteed to be 99% wire free. We have sought out and developed responsible alternative uses and disposal routes for 100% of our used tyre stock through both our domestic and international networks and at every opportunity we research and develop new and innovative markets for product supply.

Expertise and industry know-howTyre Recycling

Crossmore Tyre Recycling has grown and thrived on our ability to educate ourselves and our customers on industry standards and trends. We are very active on the legislative and regulation front, working to create standards that allow private business to prosper while keeping environmental standards a priority. We are happy to offer consulting services on any aspect of the scrap tyre recycling industry. Click here for information on current regulations on the safe disposal of tyres in Ireland or contact us for more information.



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