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Other Products

We are continually researching and developing new and innovative markets for our recycled products. If you would like to discuss any of these further with us, please contact us.


Tyre bales used in construction projects

Tyre bales are a solid compressed block of scrap waste tyres. Each tyre bale weighs one ton and is made up of 89-110 car tyres. The dimensions of the tyre bales are 60” long, 50” wide, and 30” tall. There are five 9-gauge steel wires holding each tyre bale together and each bale can sustain 375,000 lbs of pressure before any failure will occur.

Some proven uses include:

  • Flood Control
  • Road Foundations
  • Agricultural Roads & Tracks
  • Mud Slide Control
  • Shoreline Erosion Protection
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage & Soak-aways
  • Motorway Safety Barriers For Road Workers
  • Traffic Diversion Barriers
  • Windbreaks


Tyre-derived fuel (TDF)

TDF made from tyre shreds is a great alternative fuel because of lower cost and emissions, and higher BTU value. TDF contains 13,000-15,000 BTUs per pound compared to 8,000-11,000 BTUs per pound of coal. Tyre shreds typically cost less than coal because they are locally produced and cost less to transport. Tyre shreds are also a much cleaner burning fuel than coal. As traditional energy costs soar in price, TDF is being considered more and more for a number of applications, such as cement kilns, pulp and paper boilers, and public utilities.