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Equine Rubber

Equine / Equestrian rubber surfaces: The perfect all weather riding arena surface

Do-it-yourself or bring in the experts! Are you thinking about constructing an all-weather equestrian riding arena, manege, gallop or any type of exercise area? We advise our clients that thorough ground preparation and the use of high quality suitable surfaces is the key to high-quality safe equine rubber surfaces. A typical equestrian arena surface construction will consist of a drainage system, a sub-base, a silica sand surface and finally a crumb rubber topping. Crossmore Tyre Recycling produce a high quality crumb rubber product in our state of the art factory in County Cork. We pride ourselves on being in control of every stage of the process – material selection, quality control, packaging, stock control and logistics. We pride ourselves on our green credentials and this is an environmentally-friendly way to construct a first-class equestrian riding arena.

We can offer advice on your individual project and also specialise in the design and construction of arenas according to the individual needs of our clients, including groundwork, drainage, build and supply and fit of crumb rubber, sand and stone.  Our work is fully guaranteed and finished to the highest of standard.

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equine rubber equestrian surface


What do I need to do?

First of all, decide what you need from us at this stage:

If you are carrying out the project yourself, simply contact us and  give us the length/breadth of the area you wish to cover and we can calculate how much you will need per inch and how much this will cost to be delivered to you. We recommend 4 inches of sand to 2 inches of crumb rubber. The shred particle size is approximately 20mm and down, comprising mainly of black rubber and containing some fabric. The shred size is of sufficient size not to disappear into the underlying sand and the fabric content helps to discreetly interlock the shreds. We have tried different mixes of fabrics and fine and crumb and come up with a top class product, 99% wire free guaranteed, resulting in a safe and comfortable riding surface.  Our product has been successful in equine riding arenas with a high footfall and constant use.

If you need advice in the design or construction phase, please contact us for more information.

Why choose Crossmore Tyre Recycling equine rubber?

equestrian rubberSafety for horses and riders

  • Safety for horses: By giving cushion and taking the deadness out of the surface, equine rubber reduces the destruction of soft tissue, bones and joints and wear and tear to their bodies.
  • Safety for riders: The soft surface absorbs impact and so reduces the risk of injury to riders in the event of a fall.
  • Secure and consistent footing for horses results in increased performance.

Hard wearing in all weathers

  • Durable: Hard wearing particles won’t wear down or disappear into the sand so prevents deterioration of surface.
  • Wet weather: Free draining in wet weather.
  • Wind: Reduces sand loss due to wind erosion.
  • Freezing: The insulation qualities give a truly all-weather surface – 4 inches of crumb rubber will stop freezing as low as minus 10 degrees.
  • Dry weather: Retains moisture in the underlying sand during dry periods.

Equine rubber – low maintenance and economical

• Minimal raking and re-levelling required as interlocking shreds minimises hoof prints equine rubberand rutting, easy to lay and harrow as it does not clog.
• Will not rot or wear down so saving costs on replacing or topping-up.
• Virtually dust free and clean, so cuts down time and money involved in ‘mucking out’.
• Prevents weed growth.


Environmentally friendly

Crossmore Tyre Recycling 20mm wire free rubber crumb is produced from recycled tyres. By choosing to use our product, you are cutting down on the use of natural resources thus helping to save the environment.